Hotel rules
Hotel rules

1.Check in – 2.00 PM. Check out – 12.00 AM. All inclusive wristband – 2.45 pm. Keep the All inclusive wristband until 12.00 am at the day of departure. Late check out after 12:00 AM (upon availability) will be charged extra at the reception.

2.Service at the hotel is available only to the guests with a hotel wristband. Lost wristband or electronic card is payable at the reception. Guests must not transfer their wristbands to another guest or outsider. 3. Food package for breakfast will be given to guests who leave the hotel or leave for a trip before 7:30 am and also for dinner to those who arrive after 9:00 pm. Service in the restaurant and bars starts with an afternoon breakfast upon arrival and ends with lunch upon departure. 

3.A lunch card for the day of departure is provided at check-out at the reception

4.Appropriate clothing is required at the restaurant.

5.It is not allowed to take food and beverages outside of the restaurant and bars.

6.The main entrance to the reception is open 24 hours. The door to the pool closes at 2.00 AM. The door to the beach is closed from 2.00 AM to 6.00 AM

7.It is not allowed to take hotel properties outside of the hotel. There is an inventory list in each room and all damages must be paid penalty by specified prices at the reception.

8.The sunbeds at the pool are free for use. Do not reserve them in advance! Please, do not place towels on the chairs if you are not using them.

9.Do not leave personal belongings and luggage unattended around the pool.

10.Using the pool after 8.00 PM is not allowed.

11.The buttons of the elevator are used depending on the direction. Press the button once so the elevator program works properly.

12.From 11.00 pm till 8.00 am and from 2.00 PM till 4.00 PM silence and respect for the peace of others must be observed.

13.Accommodation of persons without registration at the reception is not allowed.

14.For storing more expensive items, we recommend using safes.

15.If the guest behaves improperly, such as disturbing the peace, destroying the property, the hotel reserves the right to impose financial penalties, terminate the service and ask for assistance from the Police.

16.In case of any damage or for more information please call reception.

17.Pets are not allowed.

18.Smoking in the common area of the complex is prohibited.


You are kindly required to observe the rules!

We wish you a nice holiday in our hotel!


Not to smoke in bed or to leave unextinguished cigarette stubs in the rooms. 
Not to throw burning matches or unextinguished cigarette stubs in the waste - paper bin. 
Not to use your own electric heating or gas utensils. 
When leaving your room to switch off the radio, TV set, electric lamp, etc. 
Not to cover your reading lamps with inflammable objects or 
Not to smoke in the lifts. 
Please, make yourself familiar with the fre - precaution scheme, placed on the door of your room. 
In event of fie danger please contact the hotel's management - tel. 9 
Keep your presence of mind. 
Try to extinguish the fire with the fe - precaution facilities at hand. 
Leave the building following the evacuation signs. 
If the passage and the staircases are completely filled with smoke stay in your room and open the windows. 
Closely shut the doors and try to cover them with soaked towels or bed sheets. 
A fie alarm will be given from the reception.